Regal Assets has become a well-known name to precious metal investors, having handled hundreds of millions in asset purchases for both individual and institutional clients worldwide.  But should you trust them with your savings and retirement accounts?  We took a comprehensive look into the company, their offerings, and how they’ve performed to find out if they’re really worth your time.  


Regal Assets was founded by current CEO Tyler Gallagher in 2009, with a vision focused on simplifying and rejuvenating precious metal markets that were being strangled by regulation and bureaucratic red tape.  Over the past decade they’ve shown impressive growth, and now offer an extensive selection of investment products that help investors secure their savings via gold-backed IRA programs.  They also have products based on other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium.  

They were ranked 20th in the nation for financial services and part of Inc Magazine’s “500 List”, which tracks the fastest growing private companies in the United States.  They’ve appeared in other prominent business publications including Reuters, SmartMoney, Market Watch, and Forbes.  

Regal Assets has also earned the confidence of investors, having achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Their 5 star customer service rating helped them reach preferred membership status and an AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).  They are also a member of the Forbes Finance Council, an invitation-only group for industry leaders.

In the past few years they’ve remained on the cutting-edge by becoming a leader in the cryptocurrency investment space.  In 2017, they were issued the first crypto-commodity license through the government division of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), allowing them to sell cryptocurrencies legally worldwide.  They certainly appear to be a dynamic company that adapts to evolving market trends in order to stay ahead of the curve.    


Regal Assets acts to buy and sell gold, silver, other precious metals on their clients’ behalf, usually in the form of bars, bullion, and coins.  It’s shown to be an effective outlet for investors to diversify their portfolio and safeguard their wealth, since precious metals have traditionally shown to be a stable investment that consistently appreciates. Particularly for those approaching retirement age, it’s critical not to expose your assets to the high risks of volatile assets such as the stock market and mutual funds.  

They are also cryptocurrency veterans and have been dealing with digital assets since the early days.  In particular, they were one of the first to offer a Bitcoin IRA.  

They have a wide array of tiers available depending on your goals and available capital.  For personal investors, there are two packages:

  1. Merchant Package – $5,000 – For individuals that want an investment in gold and silver that can be easy to liquidate when needed.  
  2. Knighthood Package – $10,000 – Similar to the Merchant Package but meant more for families rather than individuals.  

Then there are tiers for professional investors dealing with more substantial sums.  The four different packages available are:

  1. Legacy Portfolio – $25,000 – Designed for immediate profit potential, includes precious metals and cryptocurrencies.  
  2. Kingship Portfolio – $50,000 – Designed to protect against inflation.
  3. Dynasty Portfolio – $100,000 – For supporting the retirement plan of an individual.  It was actually designed by legal specialists to offer provide from inflation and economic uncertainty, while at the same time offering the best possible return.  
  4. Coronation Portofolio – $250,000 – Meant for high net-worth individuals to further build their wealth over the long-term.


Most importantly, when you’re dealing with something as critical as your savings, retirement, and future, you want experience.  Would you let someone fix your car that’s never done it before?  Of course not.  Regal has been at it for over a decade, with a proven track record of successfully managing the assets of a full range of client types.  

And when it comes to their clients, they are one of the industry leaders in customer service.  They are serious about their goal of 100% customer satisfaction, and are always there to go the extra mile if needed.  Like with experience, you also want your money to be in the hands of someone that’s there when you need them.  Timing can be everything when dealing with any financial product, and Regal’s people and processes make it easy to make changes whenever the time is right.  

In addition, Regal has a few other qualities that make them stand out from the competition.  For example, most gold investment companies store their client’s assets together.  It means your gold bars are mixed up in a big pile with everyone else’s bars.  That’s not how Regal does it, though.  They feature segregated storage, so your assets will be stored separately in their own unique container.  Their storage fees are also lower than the going industry rates, with a fixed annual fee of $150.  The average storage rate on the other hand is usually north of $250.  

Fast shipping times work hand-in-hand with their responsive customer service.  If you want to remove your gold from storage, you can arrange to have it show up at your door within seven days.  Regal actually guarantees this, and if it takes longer they’ll send you a free Silver American Eagle coin for your troubles.  Typically you see a turnaround time ranging from 15 to 30 days at minimum to get your gold, so Regal really comes through here.  

One of their particular specialities is gold IRA rollovers, so if that’s something you are considering then Regal Assets should be at the top of your list of options.  You want someone that knows the rules and processes inside-out, because you definitely don’t want to run afoul of the IRS.  Even simple mistakes like the wrong tax document or purchasing a non-IRS approved gold product can be quite costly in the long term.  

When you’re looking at investment companies, always keep an eye out for hidden fees.  They can wipe out your gains fast.  Fortunately, Regal Assets has a flat fee structure that we found to be more than fair.  Retirement accounts are charged a $250 fee, no matter the total value.  That’s it.  Fees are also waived for your first year, so you won’t even have to pay the $250 until your second year.  


Regal has aimed to streamline account creation, and they’ve set themselves apart from the competition by offering the best rollover kit in the industry.  For example, you can open one of their IRAs in 4 steps:  

  1. Log on to their site and complete their “Open Account” form. You’ll enter your basic personal information, designate beneficiaries, and enter your current custodian information.  This step only takes a few minutes. 
  2. Within 24 hours, Regal’s IRA team will contact you.  They’ll help you move your funds and answer any questions you may have.  
  3. Transfer funds from your existing accounts to your new Regal IRA account.
  4. Place your order with Regal based on the metals or cryptocurrencies you want to invest in. 

Considering the paperwork that would be involved if you wanted to do it all yourself, this simplified process adds a ton of value.  The fact that their IRA experts personally guide you and will even call your current IRA custodian to help facilitate transfers is something that we really like.  All you have to do is let them know the specific amounts and what type of asset you want.  Pretty easy if you ask us.  

Just a couple things to note if you’re going with an IRA rollover.  First you need to already have a 401(k) and move that to Regal.  Then you have two options.  First, you can transfer your existing IRA to a gold IRA.  This must be done between two custodians, and the distribution check will be made out to the custodian of the new IRA account.  

Your other option is to take the distribution from your existing IRA and deposit it to the new one.  If you go this route, remember you need to complete the process in less than 60 days or else you’ll be hit with additional penalties and taxes.  Also note that you can only do this once every 12 months or you’ll start losing the tax benefits of your IRA.  


There’s no shortage of precious metal and cryptocurrency investment companies out there, so where does Regal Assets rank among them exactly?

We would put them near the top, particularly if you’re interested in gold IRAs or cryptocurrencies.  For us, what makes them stand out is their customer service and reputation.  They’ve been doing their thing for over a decade now and the results speak for themselves.  They have their process down to an exact science and it shows.  It’s no surprise that they’ve seen such growth, considering the superior service and expertise that they provide their clients.  

We also really liked their flat rate structure, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your money and not nickel-and-dimed until there’s nothing left.  

Basically, they excel in the areas that are most important for a financial investment company.  Trust, experience, and flexibility.  

If you want to learn more about their company and offerings, check out the Regal Assets official website or call 1-844-913-7373.